Rodent season is upon us now and these pests are settling in from the cold in our homes.

Rodents a dirty and spread many diseases and it is important to rid your home of this pest.

If you hear scratching in the walls or in the roof it most likely to be mice or rats.

Treating rodents can be difficult if you don’t understand their behaviour or habits.

When baits are placed it is important to ensure the bait is secured.  Baits that are not secure can be picked up by children and pets.

We use lockable safe Rodent Boxes with effective baits that are not accessible by pets or children.  The roof baits are secured that cannot be dragged by the rodents. 

Wilson’s Pest Control Gold Coast is currently servicing restaurants, fast food outlets, cafe, schools, domestic homes, industrial and commercial properties give us a call for assistance with your rodent problems.


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