Wilson’s Pest Control Gold Coast Flea Control

A parasite of mammals and birds, fleas are blood suckers. Adult fleas are quite active and irritating, especially when the climate conditions are favourable; fleas prefer humid, warm conditions. Adult fleas may live up to 500 days and can live without feeding for months. The adult female lays 4-8 eggs after each meal of blood, creating a huge population by laying hundreds of eggs during their life cycle.

Most eggs are laid on the host, which is usually your pet or another animal. Flea egg laying often occurs where your pet sleeps and the eggs hatch in 2 – 14 days. The flea larvae are usually small and worm-like, feeding on organic material, crumbs, human skin scale and any debris that accumulates deep in your carpet, pet bedding, floorboard cracks, gardens/lawns and soil in sub floors. Common areas that fleas prefer include the lounge room, bedrooms, lawns, pet bedding, and lounge chairs.

Hygiene plays a huge part in flea management and with good hygiene you will notice a difference. Some ways to help reduce the risk of the flea infestation include regularly vacuuming all areas, and washing your pets & their bedding, using products registered for flea control only. Pay particular attention to vacuuming carpet edges, under furniture, and floors, sweeping first to remove large particles that might be harder to vacuum. After vacuuming, dispose of the waste in sealed plastic bags.

Wilson’s Pest Control Gold Coast provide a chemical treatment that is done by treating infested areas with products specifically designed to kill fleas. We have a variety of applications like dusting, and chemical surface spraying of the lawn, subfloor, internal and external areas and any pet homes. After a flea treatment you will notice an improvement within 2 weeks.

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