Identifying Termite Vs Ants

Termites are also known as white ants.  The main difference between termites and ants is the body parts. Termites have two parts to the body, a broad waist, the antennas are straight, both wings are the same size, Ant have three parts to their body a narrow waist, antennas are L shaped, have two sets of wings one smaller than the other. Termites are slower moving where ants are fast moving. Other standout features include:

  • Termites do not have eyes, Ants have eyes.
  • Termites have a soft body, Ants have hard bodies.
  • Termites have short legs where ants have long legs.
  • Termites build nest above ground, most familiar form of termite nest is a termite mound, and Ants build nests underground.

Termites are a serious problem across most of Australia. It is recommended that termite inspections be undertaken by a licensed and certified pest controller. This will ensure your premises are protected.

Termites eat anything made from wood. Steel frame homes are not immune to termite attack. The termites will get into roof trusses, architraves and furniture and get there by looking for food. They travel from a nest through the ground and could be hundreds of metres away. Termites build mud tunnels and get through cracks in your home as thin as a piece of paper.

If you suspect you have termites:

You may have recently seen a swarm of flying ants with wings or insects.  The flying termites are dispersed into the air and break up to start new colonies/nests.

Depending on the species they will find a dark place usually your home structure and immediately get to work.  Some simple observation of your property is to look out for mud like trails on the skirting boards, door and window jambs, wardrobes, roof void, brickwork, rendered walls.



By disturbing the colony you are at risk of the termites breaking up and starting to rebuild their nest in another part of your property which you won’t discover until it could be too late.

We work closely with our supplier who offer full support, even site inspections when we are conducting an inspection. The treatment used is proven to be effective. The unique formulation is potent to termites and cheaper options are not recommended or used by our company. 

We are fully trained and certified to manufacturers’ requirement to use and apply the treatment.


Put an end to termites! Call Wilson’s Pest Control Gold Coast today on 0466 933 322 if you are worried about Termites in your home or business.  We offer free advice and will be happy to assist you even if you don’t use our service.

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