What is one of the worst stinging insect pests you may think of? For me, the wasp come to mind. Wasps seem to have one purpose in mind, stinging anything that comes close to their nest.  I was stung on more than one occasion, even watching my hand swell up so much once that mum took me in to emergency. I remember watching my dad remove any wasp nest he found, as soon as it was discovered. He knew the danger of letting it get too large, and being a threat to our family and our pet dog.

Wasps are territorial and aggressive. They are quick to act in defense of their nest and young, flying out of the nest quickly to attack. Removing these nests can be dangerous, to the one trying to remove it or anyone else in the area, especially if it is a mature wasp nest. A nest may contain thousands of wasps. But there is another way to take care of the nest without causing any danger to you or your family.

Wilson’s Pest Control Gold Coast provides professional nest treatment for complete wasp control. Our qualified technicians can identify the specific species, and have special protective gear for safety during treatment. You can watch from indoors or from a safe distance as we do the hard work for you! Each treatment is customized to ensure effective control of the nest, based on its location. We don’t recommend you try and remove the nest your self.


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