According to the Australian Museum, there are 1,275 species of ants in Australia, but this number could easily double with further research. What is unique to these species of ant is that the majority of them are found only in Australia. Two other facts about ants that I found extremely interesting from this article are that many plants and insects have become so dependent upon the ant that they would not survive without it, and also that some birds place ants on themselves to get rid of parasites, a process known as “anting”. I find it amusing that in this instance, the ants are acting as a pest control service!!

And speaking of pest control, let’s look at the nuisance side of ants. Unfortunately, due to their ability to colonize, communicate, and locate food, ants and humans frequently are at odds with each other. Their colonies can be found in soil, wood, and among rocks, especially among buildings and pathways. As scavengers, ants forage in kitchens, rubbish bins, dog droppings, and any other place that they smell available food. Another problem is that ants may move around in contaminated areas, presenting health issues since they can be a carrier for diseases. The common black ant prefers protein food sources like meat, insects, or blood. The common black house ant settles for a variety of different foods but their preference is sweets. It is important to identify the ant in order to effectively treat the infestation. 

Proper housekeeping plays a big part in eliminating ants from your environment the same for Cockroaches.


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